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Welcome to
Monk Hesleden Parish Council

Monk Hesleden Parish Council was established in December 1894 and it serves the village of Blackhall Colliery, Blackhall Rocks, Crimdon, Hesleden, High Hesleden & Monk Hesleden. It has 15 Councillors (link to council page) who are elected every four years.

Notice of uncontested election

Monk Hesleden (Blackhall Colliery)

Monk Hesleden (Blackhall Rocks)

Monk Hesleden (Hesleden)

The Parish Council aims to:

  • be transparent
  • be informative on all community matters and by all appropriate means
  • be proactive with agreed short- and longer-term goals
  • understand the needs of residents, and seek to address these through the powers and resources available
  • give value for money for the services and facilities provided
  • seek external funding wherever possible to extend the scope of its activities in the interest of the community and community assets
  • preserve open spaces for the enjoyment of all
  • encourage the preservation, promotion and conservation of the natural environment
  • encourage all to participate in activities beneficial to the community.

The Parish Council office is located at Blackhall Resource Centre, 68 Middle Street, Blackhall Colliery and currently employs a part-time Parish Clerk and part-time Admin Assistant. Our ground staff are based at Blackhall Welfare Park staff comprise of a full-time Parks & Facilities Manager, Cemetery Officer/groundsman, 3x Groundsman, Apprentice and part-time Park Attendant.

We are a burial authority with responsibility for Blackhall & Hesleden cemeteries and also provide a wide range of services and facilities.

Monk Hesleden Parish Council Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice.doc

Meetings of the Parish Council 

These continue to be held “remotely” using ZOOM, this is in line with Government Legislation and Advice. Residents are able to join the meeting via computer, tablet or phone, the Zoom link is shown on each agenda.

The date of the Annual Assembly of Electors and Annual Meeting will be advised shortly

The parish is also served by Durham County Council, who has responsibility for the following areas:

  1. Benefits, welfare and support
  2. Births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships
  3. Care and support for adults
  4. Children & families
  5. Council Tax
  6. Crime & community safety
  7. Environmental issues
  8. Housing
  9. Leisure and Culture
  10. Libraries and Archives
  11. Planning Property and Environment
  12. Roads and Transport
  13. Rubbish and Recycling
  14. Schools and Education
  15. Voting and Elections

Further details can be found here.

Councillor Rob Crute & Lynn Pounder are the elected members for Durham County Council to view their contact details please click here:

County Councillors

The Parish Council’s aims and values are set out in the following Mission Statement:


‘To promote
Monk Hesleden Parish
as a great place to live.’